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Seddon Festival celebrates 20 years

This year’s Seddon Festival celebrated its 20th birthday with sunny skies, a crowd of 9000 attendees and a whole lotta community spirit.
Every year the Festival, which takes place in the retail precinct of Victoria and Charles streets, offers live music, market stalls, dancing, arts, crafts, food and wine, a kids zone, dog show and crowd favourite, the annual waiters’ race – where waiters from Seddon cafes run down the street with glasses on a tray.

The success of this year’s Festival was a combination of support from sponsors, great weather and camaraderie among local businesses.

“Overall it was a fantastic day – we were really lucky with the weather again to have it such a beautiful day in Seddon,” he said. “We had great help from the Bendigo Bank and Inner West Community Enterprises to make the day a success.”

He said the fact that the majority of businesses in Seddon are independent and fronted by their owners makes it a very special place to visit for locals and visitors alike.

“Having big chains of any kind of store means you don’t get that camaraderie amongst the traders and you see that at times like the Festival where they come out with things like the Great Waiter’s Race – it’s a competitive yet friendly atmosphere that they have with each other,” he said.

This year the Race was won by local Italian restaurant, Casa Di Tutti.

Los says the event embodies the endearing community spirit in Melbourne’s west, and the pride people feel in living here.

“As someone who has been born and raised in the west, we are fiercely loyal westies over here,” he said. “We seem to cop a lot of flak but we know we’ve got a good piece of the world here and we are proud of it.

“This whole area, not just Seddon, is not very pretentious and that’s how the Festival is. We get huge numbers of people there but it isn’t sponsored by Coke with big headlining bands, it is an expression of the west itself and it’s that authenticity that comes through.”

The majority of bands lined up for the event were from the western suburbs and included Rebecca Barnard, Stephen Cummings, The Mercurials and Ash Archer, Chain blues band guitarist Phil Manning, modern country artist Aaron D’Arcy and Mike Rudd, guitarist and vocalist with Spectrum and Ariel as well as the Superstars of Seddon who took centre stage for the grand finale with all of the above joined by Mark Ferrie of RocKwiz Orkestra and Models fame and a four-piece horn section.

The festival organisers released a CD featuring acts from the last 20 years as a celebration of those performances which has made the Festival a much-loved event.

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